Saturday, 11 July 2015

Bath Essentials

Bath essentials with lush products

Bed Head shampoo and conditioner

Bed Head and Lush Porducts

Bath Essentials

Recently, I have been loving Bed Head hair products. I'm prone to frizzy hair, so I find their products are amazing for moisturising and even in this summer heat I have had no problems.
I recommend the Neutrogena grapefruit scrub as well, which I have been using for quite a while now. It's made my skin completely clear up of any blemishes and it smells amazing. 

Then to add in something different I normally use a Lush product, either bath bomb or a shower cream. This time I used their Fun bars which you can use as a soap. I can tell this will last a while because you only need the smallest amount to lather up a lot.

I always follow through after a bath or shower with my Garnier intensive lotion. This stuff is amazing and not too heavy at all, which I find a lot of intentive moisturisers are, like the Nivea creme. Just not my thing...


I hope you're all having a lovely weekend so far!

Laura xo