Monday, 21 April 2014

My Month in Pictures

Happy Easter if you celebrate it!

Here's my past month in pictures, thought I'd give you guys a bit of an update. By the end of this week I should be posting a MASSIVE haul! I went a little crazy's so hard when there's so much summery, printed stuff around at the moment, which is my weakness. 

Laura xo

Monday, 7 April 2014

Instagram Update

Hey guys! I've just created a new account, so I can keep up with the updates for my blogs. Rather than using my personal one, I thought this would be a lot easier. So go ahead and check it out if you want to, I will hopefully be posting a lot more regularly.
Have a nice week! 

Laura xo

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Liebster Award #2

Thank you so much Mary Ann for the nomination!


  1. Provide a link back to the blogger who nominated you
  2. Post 11 random facts about you
  3. Answer 11 random questions set by the blogger who nominated you
  4. Nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers for the award (excluding who nominated you)
  5. Let the nominees know that you have nominated them

11 random facts:

  1. I'm moving to Australia in 4 months!
  2. I've died my hair about 50 times
  3. I'm a really fussy eater, I hate mixing different foods..when I was younger I used to have multiple plates to separate vegetables to meat etc
  4. I have braces behind my teeth
  5. I'm really competitive at anything
  6. I used to get really bad panic attacks regularly
  7. I find it really hard to keep a serious face
  8. I get bored of a lot of tv shows, I only have about 3 I watch over and over.
  9. I've never broken any bones
  10. My favourite ever tv characters are Blair Waldorf and Sadie from Awkward.
  11. I'm doing a photography course in America next year
Questions for me

1. What's the main thing you have in your handbag?

My purse, which is very messy, I'm one of those awkward people that just shove receipts in.
2. Favourite animal and why?
Bears, I think they are just adorable, one of my favourite movies is Brother Bear
3. Partying or cozy night in?
It depends! I love both really
4. iPhone or Android?
5. You win £1000/ $1000 on a scratch card what do you do first?
Not going to lie... I would probably go shopping straight away, I'm awful at saving.
6. Piercings - yay or nay?
7. Favourite nail polish shade?
Love deep reds or blues
8. Favourite clothing style in three words?
Feminine old fashioned
9. Best music track at the moment?
Justin Timberlake - Not a bad thing
10. Best choice you've ever made?
To stop surrounding myself with people that never put me in a good mood!
11. Describe your blogging inspiration
I love photography blogs, I have an interest in a combination of interior stuff through me just moving house recently, so I love seeing new ideas, but then my main interest is ofc fashion and beauty stuff.

Questions for my nominations
  1. Favourite band/singer?
  2. If you could only have a wardrobe consisting of warm or cold colours, which would you pick?
  3. Which 3 beauty products would you use if you were limited?
  4. Favourite movie/tv show?
  5. First concert?
  6. Where would you move to if you could go anywhere?
  7. Hopes for future?
  8. Have you died your hair?
  9. Favourite types of perfumes?
  10. Flats or heels?
  11. Bath or shower?
My nominations:

Laura xo